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General Reiki Healing


15-20 minute session

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A “general” reiki healing session is for those who just wish to receive general or acute healing such as someone who has already had a few sessions or that I see as not having an imbalance in any certain chakra center and just needs sort of a “pick me up”. This is good for anxiety issues or general mental health overall or even just for someone who has never had reiki and wants something simple. General Reiki goes to the person in a simple and gentle way as to not be overwhelming with after effects. You may just feel a sense of release and calm after the session.

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Full 7 Chakra Alignment & Rebalancing w/ 7 Healing Stones


Chakras are the energy centers just outside of our physical bodies that affect us in many ways and when not in balance can make us very “sick” spiritually and shows up negatively in many ways in our physical and mental/emotional selves. When they are balanced and aligned health of the mind body and spirit will follow. This is a complete 7 chakra healing and the strongest of the 2 services.


My session with Angelina was incredible! Throughout it I felt a lovely sense of grounding, opening to receive the healing energy of Reiki, and warm healing. After I felt very clear and refreshed with a deep sense of calm and inspiration. It was beautiful!! Thank you again 


*General Reiki Healing Session Client

 I also recieved Reiki from Angelina. I had a huge rush of emotions briefly, followed by a sense of complete calm and felt more grounded. Angelina is a true healer!


*General Reiki Healing Session Client