I have an amazing calming crystal set to share with you…

I have been working on building a calming box lately and I got my items together finally for a “Calm Yourself” box. It contains a four tumble stone set, a 4 ounce lavender candle, a bundle of sage, and a crystal bracelet. I only have a few available so if your interested go on overContinue reading “I have an amazing calming crystal set to share with you…”

Tarot & Oracle Readings @theintuitivetaroist

I wanted to write a post here about the new part of my healing business. I am now reading tarot/oracle cards for others as part of my services. But because I want to keep my prices affordable they are as listed below. Please read my reviews at facebook.com/theintuitivetaroist FREE one card pulls 3 Card ReadingsContinue reading “Tarot & Oracle Readings @theintuitivetaroist”

Reiki Course Coming Soon!

I know its been quite awhile since I have written here and I have quite a few more followers than the last time I wrote also. Thank you guys for reading and liking my posts and I will definitely be updating and writing more here soon. I have been deep in healing lately of oldContinue reading “Reiki Course Coming Soon!”

Its a New Year and a NEW you!!

I wanted to come back and write since I have been super busy over the holidays and I know I haven’t posted in a while. I want to let everyone know that I am now taking appointments and bookings for Reiki Healing Distance Sessions again and to let you know I have been working hardContinue reading “Its a New Year and a NEW you!!”

How Has Reiki Changed My Life?

This is something I have been waiting to write on because I felt like what is left still that will be changed by Reiki. But… then it hit me. It’s not something that stops changing your life because its energy and we are made up of energy. Its our aura, our spirit that lives inContinue reading “How Has Reiki Changed My Life?”

New Jewelry Set! – Rose Quartz and Lava Beads – $35 Shipped in USA

As you know I am slowly growing my handmade jewelry business. I am hoping to make some more time for this in the future but its all coming together slowly but surely. So this is my newest creation that I am selling for $35 shipped anywhere in the US. The ring is a size 6.Continue reading “New Jewelry Set! – Rose Quartz and Lava Beads – $35 Shipped in USA”

Are You Saying Reiki’s Five Affirmations Morning & Night?

This is a great way to start to change your mindset and subconscious because it helps to bring you into more positive awareness and thinking. I started just recently and its helped me even more. I have been able to think more clearly during the day and not overreact to stressful situations. Especially right nowContinue reading “Are You Saying Reiki’s Five Affirmations Morning & Night?”

I Make Authentic Crystal Jewelry For Healing

Yes, I am now making and selling my crystal jewelry to aide in the healing process with metaphysical crystal beads. You can wear your crystals when needed for aiding in whatever you might be going through. Here are a few of my pieces so far but I have many more coming! I can also makeContinue reading “I Make Authentic Crystal Jewelry For Healing”

What To Expect After Your Reiki Healing Session – Spiritual and Energy Detox

Now you have had your Reiki healing session with me and your wondering what happens now. The first thing to know is that you will NEVER experience “too much energy” its not possible and energy healing doesn’t work that way. Intention is everything when doing reiki healing and more so when its done long distance.Continue reading “What To Expect After Your Reiki Healing Session – Spiritual and Energy Detox”

How To Prepare Yourself Before A Reiki Energy Healing Session

So you have decided to go ahead and get some energy work done by a qualified, certified energy worker/healer? That’s great BUT you do need to prepare a little bit beforehand for the process and know what to expect afterwards as well. Depending on the level of energy work you are getting done will alsoContinue reading “How To Prepare Yourself Before A Reiki Energy Healing Session”