How Has Reiki Changed My Life?

This is something I have been waiting to write on because I felt like what is left still that will be changed by Reiki.

But… then it hit me.

It’s not something that stops changing your life because its energy and we are made up of energy. Its our aura, our spirit that lives in and around our shell of bones, muscles, organs, skin, hair, etc etc.

Reiki will forever change you because its already a part of you and once you take that first step into it it will be like you stepped into something amazing and you wished you had known it was there sooner. Yes, of course there are still ups and downs but instead of it being something that your mind can’t handle or process or your body needing healing in some other physical way you can find peace and happiness within which is something everyone wants and needs.

And its a lot going on right now in the world. I don’t know anyone I have spoken to recently that hasn’t had some kind of hurt or that didnt need healing in some way. Even “happy” people still need some type of work done in this area. It’s the “human condition”. We are always striving to make our place a place of balance, peace, and happiness but its not the easiest thing in the world to do either.

When I first started my course into learning Reiki I was skeptical. I’m not going to lie. But I was interested enough to continue because I was not in a great place mentally or physically. So I figured it couldn’t hurt me. I went for it.

When I first did a self healing I really FELT it. Even before I did it I felt it in my hands when my instructor showed me exactly how it was done.

To be honest I was still skeptical because I wondered if I was imagining the feeling but I continued because there was also the possibility that it could work for me and I REALLY needed it to work!

I was tired, anxious, worried, couldn’t sleep or eat, depressed and felt crazy before so what did I have to lose?


I Continued.

The more I watched and saw how it worked and did it myself I realized it did help and it did work and slowly I became a full believer AFTER I got my Master Attunement.

It was so much more powerful than any of the sessions I had done on my own self. And it was supposed to be. I was warned beforehand by my instructor about the side effects of such a powerful attunement but didn’t realize how powerfully it would hit me when it finally did. I was healing and releasing what I had/have been through in my life and it was coming out of my body in a physical way. I was shocked to see it actually happening even though I was told it would. It was scary and amazing to see all at the same time. It was a detox of the spiritual kind but also had mental and physical symptoms to go with it that weren’t very pleasant but I am grateful they happened.

I feel differently now and its different in a way that makes me feel happier, safer, more secure in myself and others, I don’t experience any anxiety attacks like I once did on a weekly basis, I can quickly let go of things that upset or bother me and I just feel freer in my mind and in my life.

I want to see others have this kind of experience too. Of course its not the answer to everything you need but it can help a lot just like it did in my life. Give yourself that kind of love.

If you would like to set up a session with me for reiki distance healing you can do so on my services page.

Take Care Of Yourself,


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Are You Saying Reiki’s Five Affirmations Morning & Night?

This is a great way to start to change your mindset and subconscious because it helps to bring you into more positive awareness and thinking.

I started just recently and its helped me even more. I have been able to think more clearly during the day and not overreact to stressful situations. Especially right now with all four kids at home and doing the homeschool thing I need as much patience as I can get.

The Five Affirmations Of Reiki Are:

“Just For Today…”

  1. “I Will Not Worry”
  2. “I Will Not Anger”
  3. “I Will Be Grateful For My Blessings”
  4. “I Will Work With Honesty And Integrity”
  5. I Will Be Kind To All Living Things”

These 5 affirmations should be repeated once in the morning after waking up and once in the evening before going to sleep.

If you do this often enough you will begin to live these instead of just saying them. Anything you say and put into the universe will be given back to you if you focus on it enough.

This can be both good and bad but if you use this in a positive way, good things will begin to happen in your life.

BUT you have to believe these 5 things, even if it feels silly or even if you feel its so far away from your truth now. You can CHANGE your mind and the way you think just by starting small with something as simple as saying these 5 things once in the morning and once in the evening. Even if you forget just make sure to do them the next time you remember or even right when you remember during a busy day.

DON’T worry or fear that it won’t work either. This will only lower your vibration and cause you to bring more of that feeling to you.

You are manifesting positive change by saying these affirmations out loud to yourself daily and I promise it will work if you let it. You just have to believe in it enough.

Just about 4 months ago I was not the person I am today. I was on a path to get here I realize now but I was still lost , upset, confused, and was having anxiety attacks weekly. It was horrible. I didn’t tell anyone either. I thought I was going to die at one point because I felt that badly but I was so worried about what people would think if they knew.

Now, I just don’t care. It doesn’t really matter what anyone else thinks because they can only affect your life if you allow them to. It’s all about what you allow in and around your immediate self. That is the great part. You can take back control of what you want and need if that is what you desire.

This is the best way to start right here. Something small and simple.

You didn’t get to where you are now overnight but you can undo a lot with small improvements in your mental health with affirmations.

Love & Light!

Thanks for reading.


I Make Authentic Crystal Jewelry For Healing

Yes, I am now making and selling my crystal jewelry to aide in the healing process with metaphysical crystal beads.

You can wear your crystals when needed for aiding in whatever you might be going through. Here are a few of my pieces so far but I have many more coming!

I can also make custom pieces as well if you have an idea of what you would like let me know and I get to crafting it for you.

I will be adding my page so you can order soon.

What To Expect After Your Reiki Healing Session – Spiritual and Energy Detox

Now you have had your Reiki healing session with me and your wondering what happens now.

The first thing to know is that you will NEVER experience “too much energy” its not possible and energy healing doesn’t work that way. Intention is everything when doing reiki healing and more so when its done long distance.

You may feel your emotions stir and come out in the form of crying if say your heart chakra is blocked and I release that energy during my session, but just know that its normal and it will pass. You may feel a feeling of calm and safe if you root chakra was blocked or stagnant and I balance that energy during my session. Those are just two examples of what might happen. I wish I could tell you exactly what will happen after I work on your specific needs and energy imbalances but I really can’t say but do know that reiki balances you when done correctly and fully and its all for the betterment of you mentally, spiritually, and sometimes even physically.

Reiki practitioners can’t by law use certain terms such as cured, diagnosed and treat among others. We are simply considered to be complementary to medical issues and are seen as being very beneficial in the healing process when used with regular medical practices and care.

After you receive Reiki, you may notice you have some side effects just as you would during a physical detox.

You may:

have crying spells

feel extra emotional

experience headaches

heightened emotions overall


pains in the body where the energy was released or rebalanced

and more

It all depends on what your spirit is/was holding onto and needed to release in order to heal. Reiki energy works perfectly to find and do this.

Be mindful that you should treat yourself with extra love and care for the first 21 days after a reiki treatment/session. You should take it easy both physically and emotionally and let the feelings and pains pass naturally. Try not to drink, smoke and eat unhealthy during this time as it will put extra strain on your body, mind, and soul while you are healing and releasing.

Be gentle with yourself and of course if you have had your session done with me I am here during this time as well. Please be mindful that I do have a family and work and will not be available at all times of the day but will respond as soon as possible through email.

If you have any questions please email me on my contact page or you can find me on facebook @ thereikioracle or on instagram @thereikioracle.

Thanks again for reading and learning about Reiki healing. If you would like to set up an appointment with me you can contact me.

Love and Light!


How To Prepare Yourself Before A Reiki Energy Healing Session

So you have decided to go ahead and get some energy work done by a qualified, certified energy worker/healer?

That’s great BUT you do need to prepare a little bit beforehand for the process and know what to expect afterwards as well.

Depending on the level of energy work you are getting done will also affect the outcome.

The preparing part is pretty simple but its what comes afterwards that can be a little more work but it is all for your benefit!

I promise it will all be worth it once its over with.

All Reiki practitioners ask their client to prepare a little differently and truthfully they all work out fine in the end.

I am going to go with how I was taught to do Reiki energy work.

To prepare all you need to do is open your heart and relax.

Right. Okay.

But how do you do that exactly?

Its easy and feels amazing!

First, BELIEVE in it. If you don’t think energy healing will work, it won’t!

When we don’t fully believe in something it won’t work for us. You will and can literally BLOCK energy just with your beliefs about it. It’s been proven that the clients who get the most out of energy work are the ones who believed it would work BEFORE actually experiencing the effects from it.

So you need to believe FIRST before moving forward with it. Please don’t waste my time or yours if your not fully invested in energy work or the experiences from it.

So moving on, you will need to be at least relaxed and willing to receive the energy work at the time that you set up with me. I only work on an appointment basis so that I connect with you energetically without any distractions on yours or my part. Imagine driving and me doing your session and it affecting you at that moment? Not good.

Sometimes with energy healing over a distance it can take time but its not very long usually and from my own experience with getting my master session done over long distance (me being in the US and my teacher being in Australia) it took about 3 days.

Some may feel a lot, some may feel close to nothing. Everyone is different but the amount of healing energy you need will come to you and not too much or too little for you.

You should never be nervous about getting Reiki done. It is only energy. You exchange energy daily with people and even things. When dealing with a Reiki healer and getting work done you are simply getting their trained and intended energy put into your energy field that is located directly outside the surface of your body that is already there but can’t see with the naked eye. Nothing more, nothing less.

This energy can get out of balance just as our physical body does and needs to be assessed, and rebalanced.

To help you prepare for your session you only need to do the following:

Find a safe, comfortable spot with no noise or distractions.

Relax and maybe listen to some music that you like or enjoy.

You may lay down if you like and it’s okay if you fall asleep. It will still work.

That’s all!


Now, this energy work may be felt at this moment while its being done or it may take a few hours to a few days. It all depends.

I would love if you can listen to this short podcast by my own instructor and 20 year long master energy healer. She is amazing and the one who did my own energy healing work and whom I am certified by.

That’s it!

My next post will explain what happens after your Reiki healing energy session.

I Appreciate You!

I appreciate each and every one of my followers so far. Its means someone is listening. I am a small simple part of this universe and I want to share knowledge, wisdom, and love. I am working on a course right now and hope to help others be able to be healed and be able to continue to heal themselves as well for the future using reiki practices and methods of healing. I knew when I found reiki and the power of the healing I received that I wanted to share it with others but I needed time to digest and really take it in and its been a few months since I received my healing. I have been through a lot internally since that time but its made me and is still making me a better person overall. Now I am hoping to change other’s lives as well and am currently working on some amazing content and a care package that I will be launching soon to do just that. I feel ready at the moment and feel as though I have enough self knowledge and awareness to do this fully and with the most love for others as possible. I want others to know that they can get through anything. The mind and your mindset is one of the most powerful things in the universe and when you decide to change it is when it WILL change. You can’t change anything until YOU make the choice to change it. It may be scary, VERY scary even because that is always how the unknown is for anyone looking that way. But if you don’t try you will never know if it’s possible. You can unblock ANYTHING with reiki that is holding you back. In business, in life, or even in love. Its all about the energy you hold and are sending out and allowing in. Once you figure out how to master energy, you will be unstoppable. It does take practice though and commitment to doing it often but the relief and peace and love you will get in return is AMAZING! I promise you, you will feel like you have never felt before. You just have to be willing to take the leap. So, start now. Let me know what it is your struggling with. I am more than happy to help and give guidance. Let me help you.

Thanks for listening.

Love & Light Always,


Is Believing Something You Can Do Yourself?

I wonder this still sometimes but lately since I started manifesting I am noticing a big shift in my life. The more positive I am and just generally being able to trust in the universe more , the more I am noticing it really does give back. The question is do we miss this when we aren’t looking and if we aren’t looking does it not find us because we aren’t believing in it that it will?

Whew! That is something to think about isn’t it?

Before experiencing my Reiki attunement I was depressed, anxious and just couldn’t get anything together in my life. At least it felt that way. I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. I kept trying to make things okay and right on the outside but I never realized I was not doing it right on the inside. I was too caught up in what was around me and wasn’t focusing on what was going on inside where it truly mattered. It was something I had been dealing with all my life really. I was doing it backwards and it was physically killing me. Or at least it felt that way.

I never believed that it could be different. I didn’t realize there was a way out. I never imagined I would be as happy as I am now. It’s not about anyone else, or how much money I am making, or the car I have or any of that. None of those things are able to make you happy or fulfilled. I am now doing what I love and want to share it with others so that they are not in that same place or any place that feels so alone. The sad part was I thought having things , enough of them would make me happy. Then I realized I was never happy with anything I had because once you get something you just aim higher towards something bigger and better. I had to stop and realize that it was me that was going to have to make me happy and so I started searching for it. I guess you can say I had an awakening. I am not done with my awakening though. I am sure there are many more places for me to go (not physically) but spiritually. Places inside myself that need healing and I have released so much even this far into my journey. I am excited to see what else it is I can realize and learn about myself so that I can better help those around me and anyone I can find who will listen to my story.

I am hoping to affect lives in a positive way. Reiki is what I found to do this.

Thanks for listening. Love & Light to you.


Launched My Crystals Etsy Shop & Getting My Master Reiki Teaching Certificate Steps!!

Hello Readers,

I just wanted to write a quick note here telling you all that I officially launched my Etsy Shop. I will be adding more crystal towers tonight. I have also decided to take the next steps in my Reiki journey and am going to be taking a course on getting my Reiki Master Teaching Certificate. I am so excited to have found this and I want to take it to the next level and share with others how to do this as well. Reiki healing and especially self healing is amazing and has done so much for me so far since I found it. I am happier, more positive, and no longer have anxiety or depression that I struggled with for so long. I will be writing more later on all of that and how I am doing at the moment with Reiki and my experiences. Thank you for taking the time to read this quick post and Love & Light to you!


If you want to check out my etsy shop you can click here.

Rose Quartz Healing Properties & The Heart Chakra

Rose Quartz is the stone of universal love. It is related to the heart chakra and the most important crystal for the heart chakra and helps heal all types of relationships and bring more love to them. It restores trust and harmony in your relationships and helps you be a more loving person. It dispels negativity and brings forth self love and teaches the true essence of love. Its great for use during times of trauma or crisis and brings deep inner healing. It also helps with empathy and sensitivity. It helps with realizing the need for change for the positive. Rose quartz helps you with self forgiveness and acceptance, self trust and self worth. Its truly a great stone to have out of the many that there are because it works to bring peace to the person holding or wearing it. It even works well when placed in the bedroom for couples or in common rooms for you, your family, and visitors. Physically rose quartz can helps with physical healings as well such as :

Strengthening the physical heart and circulatory system

It aids chest and lung problems when placed on the thymus

It heals the kidneys and adrenals as well

It increases fertility

The best place wear it is as a necklace but can be worn anywhere on the body as well.

The Heart Chakra

Heart Chakra Color: Green

The Heart Chakra is the fourth chakra and is exactly where you think it would be which is across the chest area. A chakra (if you don’t already know) is an energy field just outside of our physical bodies that holds energy but does still affect our physical bodies greatly. When our heart chakra is aligned and balanced we are at peace, our hearts are open and accepting of love and able to give love as well. We care for others and are quick to keep negativity away and are happy to be with and around others as well. We can see beauty in most things and we are very caring to other things, animals and people. When our heart chakra is imbalanced or blocked it can cause us to close ourselves off from others, be fearful or suspicious of others and not be able to forgive or move on from past situations.

Ways To Heal And Bring Your Heart Chakra Back in Balance

1.Listening to Heart Chakra Healing Music

You can find many different healing for the heart chakra meditation tracks on youtube.

2.Meditation Exercises for Heart Chakra

Listen to the heart chakra meditation music while meditating. Imagine your heart opening and becoming filled with white, translucent light all around you. Breath in deeply and exhale slowly. Feel what is in your heart and let your worries and burdens go. Forgive others for what they may have done and feel an openness in your heart for them. Release yourself from the way you may have been feeling about a person or situation.

3.Receiving Reiki Healing of the Heart Chakra

Please contact me if you would like to learn more and receive my Reiki Distance Healing

4.Eating Heart Healthy Foods

Green Foods – such as green leafy vegetables, green peppers, green apples, spinach. Pair these foods with Vitamin C rich foods to help assimilate these nutrients found as well.

5.Wearing Heart Chakra Healing Jewelry Or Stones

Heart Healing Crystals & Stones :


Green Calcite

Green Aventurine

Rose Quartz

Green Dalmation Jasper

Green Moss Agate

These are just a few ways to help bring your heart chakra back into alignment but there are many more out there. If you would like help with one or all of these please feel free to reach out to me to talk or learn more.

Love & Light To You.