Reiki Course Coming Soon!

I know its been quite awhile since I have written here and I have quite a few more followers than the last time I wrote also. Thank you guys for reading and liking my posts and I will definitely be updating and writing more here soon.

I have been deep in healing lately of old issues that are and have been coming up for awhile. I am finally dealing with them so I have been stepping back slightly from everything and people in general.

I do want to get my course going and I will be working on that in the next couple of weeks. I am behind right now and not where I wanted to be by now but I am still working behind the scenes on it.

Meanwhile while I am doing that I am also working on my intuitive tarot and oracle readings and getting better and better by the day. My reviews are on my page on facebook at

I am really enjoying doing the readings lately too. If you are interested in a reading I will be putting my prices up for that on the blog right after I post this. But this was just a quick post and update and I will be writing more soon.

Thanks for reading,


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