Its a New Year and a NEW you!!

I wanted to come back and write since I have been super busy over the holidays and I know I haven’t posted in a while. I want to let everyone know that I am now taking appointments and bookings for Reiki Healing Distance Sessions again and to let you know I have been working hard behind the scenes on my own healing which in turn makes me a better healer and guide for you on your healing journey too. The more I work on myself and practice the better I will become.

I have been working hard on the inner workings of myself to be a calmer, happier person on the outside. Of course its hard to not become triggered especially when we have such a triggering world especially right now. I know I have worked really hard this past year on this but of course I am human so its hard to do everything right. But now is the time to set your intentions for the new year.

But I want to set my intentions more on the things that are on the inside than on the outside because that is truly the only thing we can control and its a really hard thing to do. But its so worth it.

I don’t want to just “talk the talk” though. I want and need to “walk the walk” too.

When you get your head in a space that isn’t mentally healthy it can send you downhill and pretty fast too.

So its a constant type of healing when it comes to energy healing because it can change with the flip of a switch. Especially with someone like myself because I am very sensitive to people’s energy which I now realize is why I am so grateful for reiki. It really clears out what I don’t need. Its a great reset and feels amazing after the work is done. I love that I can do it on myself. I am currently working on getting finished with my course to become a reiki master teacher so that I can help others be able to do the same thing.

I will update more on that when I finish up. It should be late Jan to mid February depending on how quickly I can do the work and submit it to my instructor.

But for now I am just enjoying all the benefits I have gotten from it so far. Thanks for reading and god bless you.

I will be posting how to set your intentions for the new year in my next post so be on the lookout!


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