How Has Reiki Changed My Life?

This is something I have been waiting to write on because I felt like what is left still that will be changed by Reiki.

But… then it hit me.

It’s not something that stops changing your life because its energy and we are made up of energy. Its our aura, our spirit that lives in and around our shell of bones, muscles, organs, skin, hair, etc etc.

Reiki will forever change you because its already a part of you and once you take that first step into it it will be like you stepped into something amazing and you wished you had known it was there sooner. Yes, of course there are still ups and downs but instead of it being something that your mind can’t handle or process or your body needing healing in some other physical way you can find peace and happiness within which is something everyone wants and needs.

And its a lot going on right now in the world. I don’t know anyone I have spoken to recently that hasn’t had some kind of hurt or that didnt need healing in some way. Even “happy” people still need some type of work done in this area. It’s the “human condition”. We are always striving to make our place a place of balance, peace, and happiness but its not the easiest thing in the world to do either.

When I first started my course into learning Reiki I was skeptical. I’m not going to lie. But I was interested enough to continue because I was not in a great place mentally or physically. So I figured it couldn’t hurt me. I went for it.

When I first did a self healing I really FELT it. Even before I did it I felt it in my hands when my instructor showed me exactly how it was done.

To be honest I was still skeptical because I wondered if I was imagining the feeling but I continued because there was also the possibility that it could work for me and I REALLY needed it to work!

I was tired, anxious, worried, couldn’t sleep or eat, depressed and felt crazy before so what did I have to lose?


I Continued.

The more I watched and saw how it worked and did it myself I realized it did help and it did work and slowly I became a full believer AFTER I got my Master Attunement.

It was so much more powerful than any of the sessions I had done on my own self. And it was supposed to be. I was warned beforehand by my instructor about the side effects of such a powerful attunement but didn’t realize how powerfully it would hit me when it finally did. I was healing and releasing what I had/have been through in my life and it was coming out of my body in a physical way. I was shocked to see it actually happening even though I was told it would. It was scary and amazing to see all at the same time. It was a detox of the spiritual kind but also had mental and physical symptoms to go with it that weren’t very pleasant but I am grateful they happened.

I feel differently now and its different in a way that makes me feel happier, safer, more secure in myself and others, I don’t experience any anxiety attacks like I once did on a weekly basis, I can quickly let go of things that upset or bother me and I just feel freer in my mind and in my life.

I want to see others have this kind of experience too. Of course its not the answer to everything you need but it can help a lot just like it did in my life. Give yourself that kind of love.

If you would like to set up a session with me for reiki distance healing you can do so on my services page.

Take Care Of Yourself,


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