What To Expect After Your Reiki Healing Session – Spiritual and Energy Detox

Now you have had your Reiki healing session with me and your wondering what happens now.

The first thing to know is that you will NEVER experience “too much energy” its not possible and energy healing doesn’t work that way. Intention is everything when doing reiki healing and more so when its done long distance.

You may feel your emotions stir and come out in the form of crying if say your heart chakra is blocked and I release that energy during my session, but just know that its normal and it will pass. You may feel a feeling of calm and safe if you root chakra was blocked or stagnant and I balance that energy during my session. Those are just two examples of what might happen. I wish I could tell you exactly what will happen after I work on your specific needs and energy imbalances but I really can’t say but do know that reiki balances you when done correctly and fully and its all for the betterment of you mentally, spiritually, and sometimes even physically.

Reiki practitioners can’t by law use certain terms such as cured, diagnosed and treat among others. We are simply considered to be complementary to medical issues and are seen as being very beneficial in the healing process when used with regular medical practices and care.

After you receive Reiki, you may notice you have some side effects just as you would during a physical detox.

You may:

have crying spells

feel extra emotional

experience headaches

heightened emotions overall


pains in the body where the energy was released or rebalanced

and more

It all depends on what your spirit is/was holding onto and needed to release in order to heal. Reiki energy works perfectly to find and do this.

Be mindful that you should treat yourself with extra love and care for the first 21 days after a reiki treatment/session. You should take it easy both physically and emotionally and let the feelings and pains pass naturally. Try not to drink, smoke and eat unhealthy during this time as it will put extra strain on your body, mind, and soul while you are healing and releasing.

Be gentle with yourself and of course if you have had your session done with me I am here during this time as well. Please be mindful that I do have a family and work and will not be available at all times of the day but will respond as soon as possible through email.

If you have any questions please email me on my contact page or you can find me on facebook @ thereikioracle or on instagram @thereikioracle.

Thanks again for reading and learning about Reiki healing. If you would like to set up an appointment with me you can contact me.

Love and Light!


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