How To Prepare Yourself Before A Reiki Energy Healing Session

So you have decided to go ahead and get some energy work done by a qualified, certified energy worker/healer?

That’s great BUT you do need to prepare a little bit beforehand for the process and know what to expect afterwards as well.

Depending on the level of energy work you are getting done will also affect the outcome.

The preparing part is pretty simple but its what comes afterwards that can be a little more work but it is all for your benefit!

I promise it will all be worth it once its over with.

All Reiki practitioners ask their client to prepare a little differently and truthfully they all work out fine in the end.

I am going to go with how I was taught to do Reiki energy work.

To prepare all you need to do is open your heart and relax.

Right. Okay.

But how do you do that exactly?

Its easy and feels amazing!

First, BELIEVE in it. If you don’t think energy healing will work, it won’t!

When we don’t fully believe in something it won’t work for us. You will and can literally BLOCK energy just with your beliefs about it. It’s been proven that the clients who get the most out of energy work are the ones who believed it would work BEFORE actually experiencing the effects from it.

So you need to believe FIRST before moving forward with it. Please don’t waste my time or yours if your not fully invested in energy work or the experiences from it.

So moving on, you will need to be at least relaxed and willing to receive the energy work at the time that you set up with me. I only work on an appointment basis so that I connect with you energetically without any distractions on yours or my part. Imagine driving and me doing your session and it affecting you at that moment? Not good.

Sometimes with energy healing over a distance it can take time but its not very long usually and from my own experience with getting my master session done over long distance (me being in the US and my teacher being in Australia) it took about 3 days.

Some may feel a lot, some may feel close to nothing. Everyone is different but the amount of healing energy you need will come to you and not too much or too little for you.

You should never be nervous about getting Reiki done. It is only energy. You exchange energy daily with people and even things. When dealing with a Reiki healer and getting work done you are simply getting their trained and intended energy put into your energy field that is located directly outside the surface of your body that is already there but can’t see with the naked eye. Nothing more, nothing less.

This energy can get out of balance just as our physical body does and needs to be assessed, and rebalanced.

To help you prepare for your session you only need to do the following:

Find a safe, comfortable spot with no noise or distractions.

Relax and maybe listen to some music that you like or enjoy.

You may lay down if you like and it’s okay if you fall asleep. It will still work.

That’s all!


Now, this energy work may be felt at this moment while its being done or it may take a few hours to a few days. It all depends.

I would love if you can listen to this short podcast by my own instructor and 20 year long master energy healer. She is amazing and the one who did my own energy healing work and whom I am certified by.

That’s it!

My next post will explain what happens after your Reiki healing energy session.

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