Is Believing Something You Can Do Yourself?

I wonder this still sometimes but lately since I started manifesting I am noticing a big shift in my life. The more positive I am and just generally being able to trust in the universe more , the more I am noticing it really does give back. The question is do we miss this when we aren’t looking and if we aren’t looking does it not find us because we aren’t believing in it that it will?

Whew! That is something to think about isn’t it?

Before experiencing my Reiki attunement I was depressed, anxious and just couldn’t get anything together in my life. At least it felt that way. I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. I kept trying to make things okay and right on the outside but I never realized I was not doing it right on the inside. I was too caught up in what was around me and wasn’t focusing on what was going on inside where it truly mattered. It was something I had been dealing with all my life really. I was doing it backwards and it was physically killing me. Or at least it felt that way.

I never believed that it could be different. I didn’t realize there was a way out. I never imagined I would be as happy as I am now. It’s not about anyone else, or how much money I am making, or the car I have or any of that. None of those things are able to make you happy or fulfilled. I am now doing what I love and want to share it with others so that they are not in that same place or any place that feels so alone. The sad part was I thought having things , enough of them would make me happy. Then I realized I was never happy with anything I had because once you get something you just aim higher towards something bigger and better. I had to stop and realize that it was me that was going to have to make me happy and so I started searching for it. I guess you can say I had an awakening. I am not done with my awakening though. I am sure there are many more places for me to go (not physically) but spiritually. Places inside myself that need healing and I have released so much even this far into my journey. I am excited to see what else it is I can realize and learn about myself so that I can better help those around me and anyone I can find who will listen to my story.

I am hoping to affect lives in a positive way. Reiki is what I found to do this.

Thanks for listening. Love & Light to you.


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