Crystals And Their Metaphysical Healing Properties

Crystals are nice to look at and we can be very attracted and gravitate towards one particular kind or even many different kinds. But they aren’t just nice to look at. They actually have healing powers. Crystal healing is an ancient art of healing dating as far back as Egyptian times when they used lapis lazuli, turquoise, carnelian, emerald and clear quartz even in their jewelry. Green stones were used in their burials too in place of their hearts hence why the heart chakra aligns with the color green and green stones/crystals in general. There are thousands of different crystals in the world and I am sure ones that still haven’t been discovered yet. Each one has its own set of metaphysical healing properties. I have began reading and searching to find out more and got a very popular book by Judy Hall called “The Crystal Bible” that has a lot of info on the most popular kinds of crystals. I have learned a lot from it so far and plan on getting volumes 2 and 3 as well once I learn more about them in the first edition. As a Reiki Master/ Crystal Healer I want to know as much as I can about what I am practicing. So I have been studying every chance I get on crystals and healing with them. I took a course on Crystal Healing with Melissa Crowhurst on Udemy and loved it but it was only a course on how to place and use the crystals on the body for healing sessions that goes along with Reiki healing so now its my job to learn about the individual crystals and how and what parts of the body they work on and the types of healing they can do for a person. I will be adding more informational pages on the blog soon and talking about a few at a time here and there to share what I am learning. Its really a lot but its very interesting to read and learn about.

Thanks for reading! Love & Light to you.

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