Finding Your Center With Reiki

If someone had asked me what it is that I do just for myself 2 years ago I wouldn’t have known what to say. I have been through a lot in the last 12 years since my first child was born and even more so before that. I didn’t know how to truly take care of me even when I didn’t have another person to take care of let alone anyone else. I was never really taught this and so I didn’t know what self care was. Of course there are things that mimic it. Taking a shower, eating, sleeping. The essentials. But I never knew how to take care of myself in a spiritual sense. Internally I was chaotic. My mind never really rested and I was tense a lot. I didn’t know how to center myself. I think a lot of people have this problem. It was never a thing to do growing up and I don’t remember seeing anyone around me do it. To just be okay in the moments. To be calm and know things will be okay without worrying or stressing about something. To be in a completely relaxed state of mind was something that I rarely felt. I think this is also the reason people turn to unhealthy ways to try and find this state of calm. We turn to drugs or alcohol or some other type of unnatural way of finding some kind of quiet in our minds and our spirit. I finally found Reiki and its helped me deal with and “cure” this in myself. I was lost for a long time I think. I didn’t even realize it. Then it started affecting me physically and mentally. I began feeling strange and sick. I started having panic attacks that made me feel completely out of control of my own mind and body. It was beginning to really affect me and my family. It as overwhelming and I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me. I knew if I went to a doctor they were most likely just going to throw a pill at me. I had already been on depression medication in the past and I wasn’t willing to be a zombie again either. I had to find a medium. I prayed to find something that would help me but I was going to wait 5 years to finally find it. It was the longest five years of my life. It was scary, confusing and I didn’t know when another panic attack was going to creep up on me suddenly. My body was out of control but really it was my mind that was going haywire. I was thinking and worrying too much and never letting my thoughts and my mind rest. I was making small simple situations into huge ones for no reason. I was trying to control the uncontrollable and it was literally killing me. Our minds are powerful things. Powerful enough to cause physical symptoms in our bodies. If you don’t know how to trust in it and control it it will end up controlling you. The point of centering yourself is to take back this control over the mind. Thoughts are only thoughts and don’t actually mean anything. It’s simply something that keeps us safe and alive. If we let it though it can cause us to do things that are strange, crazy, and even dangerous. As part of my healing with Reiki I have learned how to let thoughts go as quickly as they come and keep my emotions surrounding them in check as well. I am trying to work more now with my heart and not too much of my head. I want to live my life as peacefully and with as much love as I can for myself, my family and the people I am close to. I have learned to forgive others. Even the ones who have hurt me the most. I realized they were probably in the same state of mind I was before when they did the things they did. I separated myself from the past and what was and what happened. Forgiveness frees us, not the other person. Most will forget this when the hurt is still there. Forgiveness doesn’t mean its okay what happened it just means that we are no longer a prisoner of it. I meditate now and ground and center myself. It’s so simple and it took me so long to figure it out. I fought it. I fought it because it seemed too easy. Easy meant it wasn’t going to work so I didn’t even try it. But it does work if you just do it. It may not come easy at first and when you sit in the stillness and quiet your mind will naturally fight it and the thoughts will come. This is where the work comes in. You have to keep trying it and it will work for you eventually. You can quiet the mind and find peace. Reiki helps release what needs to be released and help you as well. It truly opens you up to a new way of thinking and being. But like with anything you may need a few sessions to get the full effect. We are willing to take years of therapy and all sorts of medications to do this because we have been conditioned to believe this is the only way but this is not true. There are other ways to heal and Reiki is one of them.

If you have questions about Reiki distance healing or want to book a session with me please contact me. I am more than happy to help you learn more about it.

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