About Reiki Distance Healing

This Is A Place Of Healing.

This is Reiki Distance Healing and I Want To Help YOU Heal With It.

Here you can release old ways of being and suffering. Find and ground yourself and even begin the physical healing process*

Reiki healing has been around for many years. There are different techniques and forms. One of the most popular forms of Reiki comes from a man named Mikao Usui. Mikao Usui came up with a technique he used to heal others using the life force energy/universal energy which is what Rei (Universal life) and Ki (energy) truly means. While he wasn’t the very first to do Reiki healing , his is the most popular form used today among Reiki masters and healers. Reiki healing has been done successfully and helped thousands across the world receive healing and release. I have received this healing energy myself and benefit from it daily as well and practice it daily also to keep myself in a more positive mind, body and spirit.

When someone receives Reiki healing it can help them overcome and release from their mind, body and heart the things that hold us back, burden us or generally make us ill. It can help with depression, anxiety, physical, mental, and psychological ailments as well. Simply put the reiki energy goes to the places the Reiki healer send it to and does its magic.

When the Reiki master sends healing to another it is done so with love, understanding of the issue/disease of the patient and can be done either gently or even more strongly depending on the needs and comfort level of the person receiving the healing energy of Reiki.

Reiki healing sessions can take place in a home, office/practice, or even over a distance. It is all received the same and with the same amount of time, energy, and care for the person receiving it. The intention of the healing is what gives it its true power and the Reiki practitioner uses this to connect with the universal energy and the power of the Reiki Symbols (and sometimes healing crystals if needed for more complicated issues) to send the person what amount they need during their session. This is all done by the Master Reiki Healer over long distances and felt by the recipient either immediately or sometimes days after the session ends.

Generally, Reiki healing is felt by most patients but there is about 1% of the population that receives healing that claims they never felt anything afterwards.While this is a small percent overall it can happen and usually means the person receiving the healing did not believe or somehow blocked the healing taking place to begin with. Reiki does not work in the people/person who does not believe in it and should never be performed on someone who does not want it or does not know its being received such as with distance healing. It is unethical and immoral for any Reiki practitioner to do so this way.

Sometimes there may be a few sessions needed before anything is felt but this is not generally the case. In most cases the very first time a great amount of healing is done and can be felt by the client. It is a truly magical and calming feeling when it finally hits you and allows so much healing to happen but also just as with any ailment or health issue there needs to be a release as well. This is what’s called a healing detox or “spiritual” detox. Just like when we decide to detox our physical bodies we have to refeel and then eventually release the old ways and bad habits we once became accustomed to. It’s no different with Reiki. And at the end of it you will feel a very dramatic difference in yourself and the people and things around you.

As your Reiki Master/Practitioner I can help you heal and begin to experience a new way of living and being, release old ways and ailments and find a sense of peace and calm in your life.

If you would like to start the healing process and get back to a better you let me know and book a healing session with me.

*Reiki is in no way meant to cure or treat any physical illness and cannot replace your doctors advice or medication you may be taking. Please speak with your doctor for more serious issues such as cancer and other serious healthcare needs.*